A September to Remember


It’s 8:15 on a Friday night and I’m sitting here writing this new blog! Why?! Because today FLEW by and I wanted to share some things will all you wonderful people on this first day of September. Who’s ready to make this a September to Remember?!

As much as I wish summer would last another month, I’m working on embracing a new month and all the exciting things that are going to happen. Lots of changes happen this time of year as we transition from summer to fall, some people get back into routines with kids and school, and even our bodies go through changes (so if you’re feeling “off” just know that’s normal 😉 ) I think it’s the perfect time to sit down and write down a new game plan, new goals, and figure out what you’re going to focus on and let go of. I even did that today. ha. I cleaned out some drawers in my dresser and just threw stuff away. Oh man that felt so good. lol

Anyway, at the beginning of every month I also sit down and write out my goals for the month ahead. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t set goals!! Goals give you DIRECTION, PURPOSE, and FOCUS. You are significantly more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. The % goes up if you share them with someone. That’s why I also have my clients and coaches send me their goals every month. Plus, there’s a sense of accountability with it.

So here are some tips on setting these goals. Use the SMART acronym.

S- specific (as detailed as possible!)

M- measurable (how will you know if you achieved it?)

A- attainable (is this reasonable for you?)

R- relevant (why is this important to me right now?)

T- time bound (set a date by when you want to accomplish it)

Write those things down and post them where you can see them DAILY. The will serve as good reminders on the days you feel like quitting.

A few things I do with mine: I have two categories for my goals- business and personal. Business, of course, is anything business related. Personal includes my fitness, personal development, self care, and just life things I’m working on. (If you’re in a relationship maybe you want to add that category but I don’t have that haha). I also add affirmations and my mission statement at the bottom of the sheet so when I look at it I am constantly reminded WHY I am in the business of helping people get healthy and fit while also working on my own health and fitness journey. This time I even added personal development books I want to read this month.

I once read a book called “Write It Down, Make It Happen.” There ya have it. Write stuff down; make it happen. Get those things OUT of your head and ON to your paper.

September is going to be a huge month for my team and also my own fitness. SO many changes coming but oh man I am excited!!! As always, if you need support on your own journey, please reach out. I am always here and eager to help you create a healthy, fulfilling life!! And I want YOU to have a September to Remember!!




What Happened in Just 3 Days!


Detoxes. Cleanses. To do them? Or not to do them? Some people say the body naturally detoxes itself so we don’t need them. That’s true to an extent, but when done in a healthy way, without harsh supplements or restriction, I believe detoxes are very good. I’ve done many different programs over the years. I’m definitely not a fan of juice cleanses. EEK, yes I just said that. I felt awful when I did it and the thing with juicing is you lose a lot of important ingredients that are found in the skin and pulp. Plus, the nutrients from juice absorb into your system so fast it can be too much.

My favorite is the 3 Day Refresh! LOVE this system. Just finished my second one yesterday! I did one in April and now July. Both times my goal was to cut my cravings, cleanse my digestive system, and get back on track. And that is exactly what it did 🙂 I didn’t weigh myself this time, but I did lose 1/2 inch around my waist and each leg. I can tell I lost inflammation and I just FEEL BETTER from the inside out!!! Plus, my skin has FINALLY cleared up. I had been breaking out bad for the first time in years, and now it’s going away. yay!

Here’s what I love about the Refresh:

  • no pills
  • yummy plant based shakes
  • you get to eat REAL FOOD!!!
  • don’t feel deprived
  • you don’t have to run to the bathroom 😉 It’s very gentle.
  • it’s super easy to follow

Day 1: I felt great. Good energy. But by the end of the day was WIPED. Not sure if it was related to this. The first time I did the Refresh I didn’t have the fatigue.

Day 2: Super tired all day and had a MASSIVE headache.  All I could do was take a walk. But again, this might have been stress too. Or maybe it was my body getting rid of the sugar I had been eating. HA!

Day 3: Headache was gone and I felt really energized and GOOD!!!! Another thing I noticed was that my bowel movements were a LOT better during this!

Day 4: (today!) Migraine but it could be related to my time of the month. Who knows?! I miss those vanilla fresh shakes. lol. They are so good!!!!! Bowels have been AWESOME today though.

A couple of the gals I coach did it with me and they each lose 4 and 5 lbs and inches too!! If this sounds like something you’d like to try, just email me and I’ll help you 🙂 I have a private support group on FB for it too. I found it’s a LOT easier to do with a support group and to hear from others who have done it in the past!


So what now?! Now my goal is to eat as close to the Refresh as possible for as long as I can. I don’t have the same shakes that come with the Refresh, but I still have my shakeology and a plan to continue to eat clean! I don’t know about you, but I do much better with a plan to follow rather than winging what I eat. It works for me.

Questions about the Refresh or anything else fitness and nutrition? Just email me and I’ll get back to you!

~ Janae

AHA! moment with cravings!


Well, I’m back from my trip to the cities! Being gone for a week really brought some AHA! moments. First thing was with my cravings. I didn’t bake for a whole week!! hello!!! That’s a huge accomplishment for me. lol. I LOVE to bake. I didn’t have the same food temptations around me unless I bought them, which I didn’t want to do. Ok, I did finally try the Halo Top ice cream, but I felt controlled when I took a couple bites, not like I needed to scarf it down. Having my shakeology at the end of every day helped tremendously! Refreshing and satisfying!

I also realized this: the environment I’m in has a HUGE effect on what I eat and how I eat!!! I was much less stressed while I was away from home, around people that make me feel happy, and didn’t have as many distractions around me in the house either. Not to mention the tempting foods. This is called Emotional Eating. Now I realize my emotions have a huge part in what I eat, and so does HABIT. But, it IS possible to overcome these things. EEEEK this really gives me hope that I can change my habits and do what I need to do to reach my big fitness goals!! 🙂

Now that I’m back home, my stress level has gone up and my cravings increased again. Not terrible, but more than when I was away. Thank goodness I’m doing my 3 Day Refresh this coming weekend! Time to banish those cravings and get my mojo back again like I had last week.


Stay tuned! I will document my journey with the 3 Day Refresh! This will be my second time doing it. I felt AMAZING the first time and can’t wait to see what round 2 brings.

Until then… move your body, eat well, and love hard!

~ Peace



Honor the Process



How can it be 3 months since I wrote an update?! My goodness… well, quick synopsis, the last 3 months I was feeling pretty darn good! I increased my workouts, had more energy, and wasn’t getting as many headaches. Then, BOOM, a couple weeks ago I started getting more again, complete with a couple migraines. I’ve been seeing my doctor every two weeks. Yesterday he found Bartonella in my neck and even in my EYEBALL!!! So weird!!! But then, Lyme is a crazy disease. And so, the returning headaches makes total sense.

One thing I’ve really learned on this journey is how much the little things really matter. Like this morning, being able to stand is a huge accomplishment!! Last night was the worst migraine I’ve had in MONTHS!! Not even the ice pack could block the pain. My eyes burned and hurt and were so blurry. All I could do was pray “God, please take the pain away” and try to deep breathe to calm myself down.

Another thing I’ve learned through all this is that through struggle comes strength and hope. He can bring good from any situation. NO matter what you are going through, just know that nothing last forever. Every morning is a new chance for new miracles and possibilities. You just have to keep going.


Love this quote I found this morning. My to do list is a mile long, but it will have to wait. Patience doesn’t come easy to me, and I put more pressure on myself to get things done and be successful, to be there for others, but I am learning that I need to take care of myself first, or I have nothing to give others. When is the last time you did something special for yourself? Allow yourself to do that. YOU truly do matter. I want to be the best Coach and friend I can be, so to do that, I need to replenish my soul today.

Thanks for following my journey! Remember: there is ALWAYS hope. Don’t give up. There’s a miracle waiting on the other side of your struggle. I have promised to show up and be open and vulnerable throughout this, which is why I’m sharing the nitty gritty as well as the “WOOHOO!” days.

This weekend, take care of yourself. Do what you need to do. Things won’t completely fall apart if you take a little break 😉






One Day You’ll Look Back…


I’m totally writing this on a whim today. This picture was taken immediately after my workout, totally random, and I realized it captured exactly how I’m feeling today: STRONG and ENERGIZED!!!!

Exactly 3 months ago I started my Lyme treatments! Holy cow! Last week I had a follow up appointment and a very good progress report. Things are healing nicely and I get to wait 2 months to get checked again! Whee!!

In the last week, I’ve noticed a significant shift in how I feel. I feel so much stronger every time I work out, my brain fog is clearing, and I have more energy! I feel like I’m getting myself back again. Or rather, a NEW Janae! I’ve still had some tough days, a couple bad headaches, but I’ve also had MORE days with no pain in my head, neck, muscles, and joints. THAT is a huge success for me.

One of the biggest shifts happened last weekend when I did my 3 day detox! It made the biggest difference in how I feel, simply because I got all the junk out of my system, mainly sugar, and plugged my body with all the RIGHT nutrients. It took my cravings away, my Lyme symptoms are significantly lower, and my digestive system is running the best it has in…. a couple years to be honest. Hey, that alone makes me a happy girl!

I’m still dealing with some struggles mentally, but God is good, life is good, and I am blessed! He is working this struggle for good, and if I can help at least one person a day through their struggle, give them hope, then it’s worth it.

Never give up! Do NOT settle for not feeling healthy or for living the life you know you’re meant to! Keep searching, keep trying, keep moving forward. Embrace every single day on the journey. One day you will look back and see how far you’ve come. You might cry tears of joy, or you might want to jump up and down or hug the first person you see, because you’re so happy. Happy moments are all around us. Focus on those, not the struggles, and you’ll make it though.

Hugs & Smiles,


Rollercoaster Ride!


It’s been a rollercoaster ride! Seven weeks gone since my first Lyme treatment with my holistic doctor!! My symptoms have been UP and DOWN and all around. So far this week has been much improved, but the past three weeks were dang ROUGH. I had such bad migraines once a week for three weeks in a row that I literally could not get out of bed. On the other days, I had headaches almost constant. BUT…. the last few days have been much much better. I am hopeful my body is finally hitting a turning point! *crossing fingers* My energy has been better, my focus has improved, and I haven’t had a migraine in exactly one week. (oops, maybe I shouldn’t say that). The brain fog and fatigue are back today. There’s like nothing going on up in the noggin. I think this must be what guys feel when they say they can shut the brain off and not think about anything?! At least that’s what my guy friends say is possible. haha. I’m a huge thinker and it’s driving me crazy not being able to THINK clearly, to connect the dots and be creative with my business ideas!! This journey is teaching me so much. Patience, self love, and surrender, among many other things.

The past week I had some significant AHA! moments. I have such big goals with my life and career and this deep feeling that God has a huge purpose for me, but I have to trust His timing. I can’t rush it. The best way is to do my best and let Him work out the details in His timing. That’s where surrender comes in. As soon as I let go of trying to control, really good things happen. It’s a daily battle and one that I have to keep practicing. I’m also learning to love myself through the process. Some days are really hard to stay positive and not get too frustrated with myself for what the body and mind are going through. I’m sure learning to slow down. I guess sometimes it takes something big to teach us life lessons.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually thankful for this disease. It might sound crazy, but I am thankful because this is allowing me to connect with so many more people! It helps me be more empathetic, and I believe God is going to use it for a bigger purpose. I firmly believe that the struggles we go through enable us to help more people. Our struggles make us stronger. It can only make me a better health coach, yoga teacher, and I hope, daughter, aunt, and maybe someday…. a wife (Lord willing).

I should see significant improvement around March. This is a LONG journey. I know not everyone believes me when I say I have Lyme, because they don’t believe in holistic health or alternative doctors, but I believe it, and I have researched and gone through the experience myself. Thank you to those who support me through this!! I know I’m sometimes a basket case and my mood can change at the snap of fingers, but that’s what happens with Lyme. I am trying my best. Unless you’ve gone through it, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to have every major organ of your body infected, including your brain, which controls basically everything. When you’re a go-getter like me, that has a huge impact on life.

One day at a time, whatever you’re going through. Stay positive. Know that there’s a reason. There is always hope, and you have the choice EVERY day to make a change.

Until next time….

~ Janae


Raw and Real


On cloud 9 one day…. in bed ALL day with a migraine the next… that’s the nature of Lyme disease. It’s so unpredictable. If anything, this journey is teaching me to GO WITH THE FLOW and surrender, embrace the process. The only thing we have is RIGHT NOW, the present moment.

But before I go that far, let me take a step back. I had a follow up appointment last Friday, December 30th, and my doctor treated some more infections that were settling in my neck and shoulders. That explained the constant neck and shoulder pain I was having for over a week prior. Those who have Lyme experience different symptoms but many similar too… where they feel those symptoms can be different from person to person. For me, it all settles in my neck, shoulders, upper back, and the back of the head. After my appointment though, I felt great over the weekend! I was even able to spend New Year’s Eve with my family away from home! Good times, even if I did eat and drink things I “shouldn’t” have. 🙂

Monday was my “cloud 9” day. I felt AMAZING, like Wonder Woman, even after being sleep deprived over the weekend! I was stoked, like SUPER excited. I had a whole day without pain, tons of energy, worked out PLUS did lots of yoga, and even had the energy to do my makeup. I started getting a headache before bed and woke up with an even worse headache. I was scheduled to teach yoga that morning and felt I shouldn’t teach, but I also didn’t want to let down my students. So… I pushed through it. BAD IDEA. When I got home my headache intensified so bad I had to lie down. MEGA MIGRAINE.

Nausea, weakness, and such intense pain all I could do was lie there with the ice pack on my head and the heating pad over my stomach to keep me warm. And not move an inch. I tried to get up a couple times because I hadn’t eaten, but I felt so nauseous I had to switch ice packs and stumble back to bed. And that’s where I stayed til after 3:00 pm.

This picture above is a peak into my day. What I experienced was my first Herx. That’s short for Herxheimer Reaction. Basically what a Herx is is the release of endotoxins from the bacteria that causes Lyme. How bad your Herx is depends on the amount of toxins being released at one time. The more Lyme bacteria being killed, the worse the Herx. Flu-like symptoms are very normal, but symptoms also range from headaches, migraines, joint pain, fatigue, and other things.

People with Lyme have a lot of inflammation in the body. It is very important to have good nutrition so the body doesn’t create MORE inflammation. The core diet for Lyme is to eliminate dairy, guten, and sugar. I just started the Whole30 again this week for that very reason. For my body to heal, I need to be careful what foods I put into it.

I will continue to drink my shakeology during this time, because it helps me get the nutrients I need to heal and help my body recover. It also helps keep inflammation down, and I am positive that is why many of my symptoms aren’t worse. This is just my story. Everyone might be different.

Whatever journey you are on, embrace it. Take it ONE day at a time, but please, NEVER GIVE UP! There is always hope, always a way. You are stronger than you think. Give yourself grace when you need it, and push when the time calls for it. Honor and love yourself through it. Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. One small word, text, message, or phone call can make their day. I hope we are never “too busy” to tell those we love how much we care. It might make all the difference in their life.

Sending much love today! Thanks for following my journey! XOXO~ Janae

Two Weeks Post Treatment!!


I can hardly believe it’s already been two weeks since my first Lyme treatments!! Today I was thinking back on the past couple weeks and the wide range of my symptoms, emotionally and physically. Wow, it’s been a ride so far, and this is only the beginning. But honestly, I’ve been feeling WAY better than I thought I would!

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I’ve struggled with headaches and migraines for years. Those were my worst symptoms. Also, cold hands and feet (I’m talking REALLY cold, as in nothing will warm them up), sore joints, and muscle pain, digestive issues, and brain fog.

In the past two weeks my body has been going through some crazy stuff. I thought I’d have  “flu-like” days from the die off of all the infections I had, but I haven’t had a single day like that! woohoo! I’ve had other symptoms, but nothing compared to what I was prepared to deal with. I haven’t had  single day where I was bedridden like I used to with my migraines. I’ve had MORE headache-free days than bad days with headaches. I’ve had some bad headaches, but they were “manageable.” I’d say overall I’m feeling WAY better than I thought I would.

The symptoms I do deal with on a daily basis are these: horrible brain fog and forgetfulness (aka Lyme Brain in my words), irritability and moodiness (just ask my parents and close friends), anxiety (especially at night), and extra stomach gas from all the toxins being released. Oh, and my hands and feet are extremely cold still. Stress affects me 100x worse because of all the physical stress my body is going through to heal itself. I can tell I’ve been pushing more lately by using my brain because it’s hard for me to think and put thoughts into words. But, when you are building a business and have this huge dream and inner drive like I do to make it happen, it’s not easy to give yourself time to rest. That is something I am working on 😉

I have a checkup on Friday, December 30 to see how the infections are doing! I’m confident he will say my body is healing well, but I will update you! I’m still drinking my shakeology every day, and I truly believe that is helping me feel good. I have REALLY good energy and feel strong in most of my workouts. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to workout, so I am very thankful I can. PiYo is my workout program right now- it makes me feel empowered, strong, and good about my body during this process.

I am so thankful for my true friends and parents who deal with my moods as I go through this. It’s not easy for me and I’m sure it’s frustrating for them too, but let me tell you: YOU MEAN THE WORLD to me for staying by my side. THANK YOU. It truly means a lot that you can to check in on me.

Today was a good day overall! I felt good physically, I felt happy, even though my brain wasn’t working very good and I didn’t have much for inspiration sparking. But I know God has a plan and huge plans for my future, so I’m taking it one day at a time and working on loving myself during the process.

Thanks for reading this!!! Merry Christmas, and remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you.

XOXO ~ Janae

The FACTS on Shakeology

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, and Yoga Teacher, nutrition is one of my biggest passions. After suffering for years myself with various health issues, especially a lot of digestive ones, nutrition has played a key part in my getting healthy (and feeling crummy!). When I coach my clients with their health & fitness goals, nutrition is the most challenging aspect. There is so much information out there, people are confused! What is healthy, what isn’t. Majority of people just aren’t educated enough to make wise choices. My goal is to educate on WHY Shakeology is so important to include in your diet plan, whatever diet plan you choose.

Whatever your goal is: losing weight, gaining lean muscle, more energy, reducing fatigue, improving sleep, reducing cravings, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, or improving the digestive system- it really comes down to the food and drink we put into our mouths. It’s not just about the number of calories; it’s MORE about the QUALITY of those calories.

There is no ONE diet that meets everyone’s needs (Paleo, Vegan, Keto, etc), but one thing I believe, along with other nutritionists and coaches- Shakeology can and should be included. Why? Because it’s THAT good!




It is a whole food based powder that contains over 70 different vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, and adaptogens. It contains the right balance of protein, healthy carbs, and fats to help your body actually absorb all the nutrients. And, unlike most powders found in stores, nothing is lost in the process of making it. All the enzymes are still intact. It is a complete meal in itself.

There is NOTHING artificial in it! NOTHING!!! It is soy free, gluten free, and theres’a a vegan option. The regular option uses 100% whey isolate, which is so pure, I know many people who are dairy intolerant can use it (it really depends on the person though). The Beachbody team of scientists travel the world to find the HIGHEST quality of ingredients! They choose farms that don’t use chemicals or pesticides.

The regular formula comes in vanilla, chocolate, cafe latte, greenberry, and strawberry. The vegan option comes in chocolate and tropical strawberry. There aren’t a million flavors because they’d have to add artificial ingredients to make flavors like peanut butter or birthday cake. Calories per serving range from 130-170, depending on the flavor. They contain 16-17 g of protein, but the other ingredients are so pure that your body can actually absorb more of this than other protein shakes because those don’t have all the necessary ingredients your body  needs to absorb it.


I started drinking it to see if it would help my digestive issues. After suffering for SO long and not finding something that would help, I was on the last straw. Pretty much, I was desperate. I had heard about shakeology but thought it was “too expensive.” Then one day I honestly just opened my heart and mind and decided to give it a try. Within 3 days my digestion was running better, and every day since, it has gotten better and better.

I had been searching for years to find a GOOD clean powder that didn’t have artificial ingredients in it and made me feel good. Because of my food allergies, I have a very sensitive stomach. Shakeology  relieved my constipation and started to relieve my stomach cramps, gas, and bloat! My energy started to increase, my skin cleared up, and even my hair and nails started to grow. I had random messages from friends saying, “You look so happy!! And your skin is GLOWING!!” This was huge for me because all my life I had struggled with acne and bad skin.

The quality of our food is declining, along with the nutritional value. So people think you can get all the nutrients you need if you just eat food alone. No. You can’t. You would need to consume about 27,000 calories a day of CLEAN, whole food to do that (from Seay Stanford, a well known nutritionist). You can all those nutrients in one shake. It can serve as a meal replacement and your daily vitamins.

If you’re not a breakfast eater or have a crazy busy schedule, this is even more important for you. And it will keep you going all day, or prevent that afternoon crash you might get.

Benefits you might receive from drinking Shakeology:

reduced cravings

 better mood

improved digestion and regularity

clearer skin

better sleep

increased energy

weight loss

lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar

What If I Can’t Afford It?

How often do you spend $4 on a Caribou or Starbucks drink? Yes, we all do that. Or on a fast food burger maybe. At a discount, you can get Shakeology for LESS THAN $4/day!!! Actually, it comes to $3.53/day. Really. I don’t know anywhere else you can get that healthy of a meal that also contains all your vitamins and minerals, for that price. Is your health worth it? It is to me. Without our health, we can’t truly enjoy life. We miss out on SO much! I have experienced this for YEARS!!!

I am also a sufferer of Lyme Disease, a recent diagnosis. If I hadn’t been drinking my Shakeology so consistently, my digestive issues would be worse, I’d have MORE fatigue and sore joints than I do now.

If you say you can’t afford it, I really encourage you to re-evaluate your budget. We seem to have money for the things that are a priority for us. And all too often, people waste money on things that are not needed. If our health goes downhill, we can’t enjoy those things anyway! And personally, paying for Shakeology has SAVED me money, because I don’t get colds or the flu, and it saves on my food bill so I don’t have to buy everything separately that’s in this one shake.

If you’d like to order, check out my website: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/kellja88

BUT, if you want to get the discount, enroll as a Coach. You don’t have to coach anyone unless you want to (those opportunities are AMAZING), but it will give you the discount so you can SAVE!!  *ask me for details!* email: kellogg.janae@gmail.com.


There are SO many recipes out there. My favorite ways are to blend in a blender with ice, water, and a little unsweetened cashew or almond milk. I add extracts like almond, caramel, maple, coconut, or orange. Sometimes I add cinnamon or even a little frozen banana. Thick and creamy or “icy”, they taste just like an ice cream shake, but without any junk or sugar. YUMMM.

I have researched and researched the quality of these shakes, so I don’t take it lightly when I say how good they are. There is NO OTHER SHAKE on the market like these! If you’d like more info, please send me an email. If you’d like to chat about a personal meal plan or workout program, send an email.

I also run accountability groups every month to help you reach your goals and give you the support, motivation, and tools you need to succeed.

My clients have reported fewer cravings, inches and weight lost, less joint pain, improves digestion, more energy, and overall just feeling GOOD again! I’ve had past clients from personal training come to me because they have hit a plateau, and through the Beachbody workout programs and adding the shakes into their diet, they’ve broken through and lost as much as 9+ pounds in a month. Results vary depending on the person and the work you put in.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose? Just think about everything you might GAIN by giving it a shot. I was resistant at first, but one small choice to try it changed my life.

I’m always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Much love, health, & happiness ~ Janae


Behind The Scenes


Behind the scenes, strong women are often exhausted. The difference is that we don’t always show it. Social media is only a snapshot. We want to stay strong for those we are hoping to inspire. I feel very blessed, and I know my case could be SO much worse, but the reality is, some days are exhausting. One thing I PROMISE you: I will NEVER give up, not on you, not on myself, and not on the plan God has for me.

I officially started my Lyme treatments last week. I had two on Wednesday and two on Thursday.

Day 1- I was absolutely exhausted: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I went to bed early with a headache, barely slept, and woke up with an even worse headache.

Day 2- I felt so awful I asked a lot of you for prayers to drive to La Crosse safely because I had to drive alone, roads were snowy, I was sleep deprived, and I had a massive headache. Doctor said I was responding well to the treatments so that was encouraging!! I felt a bit better as the day went on and was so thankful for your prayers!!

That was Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I felt great!! No pain when I woke up and had more energy. I was able to work out after missing two days in a row, so of course that made me happy. 🙂 I got caught up on a lot of business tasks and felt good about the day. Saturday was also pretty good! I was still headache-free and was able to go to the city with my parents to run errands. Mostly I tagged along, but all the walking I did at the stores was ok on my body. I was thankful for the energy and stamina God gave me that day. Dad took us out for lunch at my favorite gluten free restaurant that I hadn’t been to in months. I haven’t had much of an appetite at all aside from my Shakeology, so I couldn’t eat much, but it was delicious. My body is so sensitive right now I think it might not have agreed with me because of how I felt on Sunday. But even after being out and about all day on Saturday, I was able to work out that night when I got home, which was pretty exciting!!!

Sunday was a different story. I woke up with neck and shoulder pain and in a grumpy mood. Aside from not feeling well, I had a huge blow deal to me that I was not prepared for, and it sucked the wind out of my sails. Determined to not let it derail me, I spent a lot of time in Personal Development and prayer. My stomach continued to bother me that day which was a huge wake up call I needed to do something about my nutrition. With Lyme, your body is already so sensitive, nutrition matters even more than the normal person. My body is fighting over 25 infections, and basically every organ is infected, so there’s a lot going on.

Today is Monday, and I decided I’m starting FRESH on the Whole30. No more sugar or snitching things I know I shouldn’t eat. Some people might think it’s extreme, but I guarantee if everyone ate this way the world would be a happier, healthier place. 😉

People have been so supportive during this journey. I am so thankful. What you all don’t know is the behind the scenes struggles I fight every day. We all have struggles. One thing I’m passionate about is this: DO NOT QUIT. Whatever struggle you’re going through, there is an answer. There is ALWAYS a way. I believe the strongest people are the ones who have fought the biggest battles, yet they didn’t give up.

I’m fighting the biggest health scare of my life while also trying to build a business helping others get healthy!! You see the successes posted on Facebook, but you don’t see the hard things I go through to see those successes. It’s not easy, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it. Yet I still see so many people quitting their workout programs before they push through the struggles. If I can push through Lyme, which is the most infectious illness in the world, you can push through a 30 min workout. Tough love, yes, but I know you can do it.

“Success doesn’t lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success.” – The Slight Edge.

This hit home with me yesterday. Today is a NEW DAY. I’m restarting my Whole30 Challenge. I’m working on having a happier mindset even if things are crumbling around me. I will give everything the best I have, and the rest is up to God.


Have a great week!!! XO ~ Janae